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    Fun never goes extinct with Cave Club! Travel back to dyno-time and craft together with Tella and Rockelle. They continue preparations for Tyra's birthday, and these are the crafts they are sharing with us!
    The first craft is a group of magic crystals made of non-toxic modeling clay. Take three different colors of clay (white, purple, and pink), and mix them. Press them down into a square block and, using a plastic safety tool cut into long rectangular prisms and then give them a crystal-like form. For the finishing touches, use white paint on the rocks' edges to make them look like real ones!
    And of course, there is no Birthday party without a cake! Take some non-toxic modeling clay, flatten it out on a surface using a rolling pin, and then give it shape with a plastic, round, cookie-cutter. Repeat the same process with smaller pieces on top. For extra color, decorate the cake with modeling clay around the cake base and then use some more clay on top for the cake glaze. Use a paper straw as the central candle, and voila. Remember that this cake is only for dynos - not people! :)
    And of course, enjoy more crafts for Polly Pocket and Barbie!
    Watch more videos with Cave Club at www.youtube.com/channel/UCtjlDJv1bBg3NHZnj3B7f6A.
    0:08 – DIY colorful crystal rocks
    1:00 – DIY Birthday cake
    1:56 – Tiny DIY tambourine for Polly Pocket
    2:31 – DIY glittery peel-off facemask for Barbie
    3:09 – Fun DIY rainbow for Polly Pocket
    3:27 – DIY clouds
    3:48 – DIY disco ball for Barbie and her friends
    4:32 – Tiny DIY pumpkins
    4:59 – Tiny DIY beds for Barbie's pets
    5:51 – Tiny DIY Macarons for Polly and her friends
    6:09 – DIY campsite for Barbie
    7:14 – Tiny DIY grill for Barbie
    7:31 – DIY mermaid crown
    7:57 – tiny DIY handbag
    8:20 – DIY glitter fairy lights
    Music by Epidemic Sound: www.epidemicsound.com/

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