AROG Cem Yılmaz Turkish Comedy Film | Arif bring civilization to AROG! ( English Subtitles)

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    Arog Movie Subject:
    The film tells the story of Arif, who was sent with a time machine a million years ago. Arif and his wife Ceku are expecting a baby. They decide to go to planet G.O.R.A for birth. Meanwhile, Arif's enemy, Commander Logar, comes out of G.O.R.A. He sends Arif through a time machine a million years ago. The Logar disguises himself as Arif. His purpose is to deceive Ceku and live with him in the G.O.R.A. While Arif seeks a way back, he also works for the civilization of primitive A.R.O.G.
    Construction: 2008 - Turkey
    Genre: Fantasy, Comedy
    Duration: 127 Min.
    Director: Cem Yılmaz, Ali Taner Baltacı
    Starring: Cem Yilmaz, Ozge Ozberk, Ozan Guven, Ozkan Ugur, Nil Karaibrahimgil

    Category : Film


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