Son Of The Man Who Saved The World | Dünyayı Kurtaran Adamın Oğlu ( English Subtitles)

  • Cüneyt Arkın Turkish Comedy Film One Piece French Subtitles (Turkish Movies)
    Subject of the film:
    In 1982, Çetin İnanç brought the film to the reputation of the famous Kurtaran Adam. The production, which achieved cult status in the category of Trash films, came back to life with Cüneyt Arkın in the leading role after many years. The first 82-year-old production, which had been handled in a strange way due to financial impossibilities, was flouted initially, but received considerable attention after winning the title of "Worst Film in the World". In this sequel, the success of the first film must be repeated: in 2055, the universe has still not found peace and a government capable of restoring the universe in a state of peace can not be put in place. Although we proved that we had not changed much after half a century, the Turks divided the space and continued to form a kind of mafia parking lot. Gangs, kings, queens, a pleasure in the universe continues. Kartal Tibet, with a strong and sensational staff, "Our goal is not the box office", although a nod to the box office "A national space film" sign. It is said that $ 2 million in computer science is also used for the Son of Man who saves the world, which will host animations never before seen in Turkish cinema.
    Director: Kartal Tibet
    Starring: Cüneyt Arkın, Mehmet Ali Erbil, Deniz Seki
    Genre: Comedy, Sci-fi
    Year: 2008

    Category : Film


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