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  • Kiana Ledé - "EX" (Live - Vevo DSCVR)
    Singers need to learn to work a mic if they want to truly sell a performance. Kiana Ledé got her first karaoke machine when she was three years old. So music has been a primary interest for a while now. A performer who won the KIDZ Star USA talent show at the age of 14 and has starred in MTV’s ‘Scream’ series, she once told Vevo that she’d choose being on-stage over being on-screen. And from early tracks like “Hey Chica” to recent victories such as “EX,” she’s refined her sound with every step forward. Last year's 'Selfless' EP was a fetching blend of soul and hip-hop, and her confidence is unmistakable in her latest work. Kiana accepted our invite to become a Vevo DSCVR artist, and her her performances of "EX" and "Show Love" have an unmistakable spark.
    Director: Kyle Goldberg
    Producer: Emily Louick, Contrast Films
    Editor: Colton Fordyce
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    Kiana Ledé
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