DIY Potato Bites

  • DIY Potato Bites
    My mom used to make an "Irish" dinner every few weeks when I was growing up. In our house it was one of those popular with the family dinners like pizza night. We would have corned beef and boiled potatoes with cabbage and carrots, which we seasoned with olive oil and mustard. Is that a thing people do? Was it just us?? In any case I used to enjoy it and was recently reminiscing, wondering what my version of this dish would be. Clearly my mind strayed pretty far because this is it! Tiny little super-creamy red potatoes filled with cheese, onion and sausage, topped with a dollop of creme fraiche and a sprinkle of dill. I made this for a couple friends and they went FAST! And I'll tell you, I never crave a baked potato (I think there have been some grainy not cool potatoes in my past...) but these are seriously good and easy to whip up. Full recipe and more photos up on the blog (link in bio). Hope you enjoy!

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