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  • This is an #AD for Fisher-Price!
    It's wintertime, and some of your favorite engines from the Thomas & Friends™ show, Thomas, Gina, and Lorenzo, are ready to ride through the snow and have their fun train race!
    First, the train tracks (use the ones from Thomas & Friends™ collection!) need to be laid out and connected on a flat surface to allow the train friends to travel freely. After that, the real fun begins! Use pieces of cotton around the tracks to create the snowy scenery.
    Then, create your own DIY train station – a cardboard box is ideal for that. Using a pencil and a sticky note, outline the train station's tunnels and carefully cut it all around. After that, take some felt fabric and safety scissors, cut the felt in little squares and glue it to the front of the cardboard box (where the tunnels are). Add a thin sheet of felt fabric on top of the train station for a snowy roof, and the train station is ready!
    For the trees, you'll need a cone-shaped party hat and some craft pipe cleaners (we are using green and white). To give them some shape, rotate the cleaners around the party hat, then remove the cap from underneath and it's all set. The trains will be able to travel all around them.
    Another great addition to the scene is snowy clouds. Take a ping-pong ball, and using non-toxic craft glue, stick some cotton all around it. Take small pieces of confetti and glue them together on a thread and then to the clouds. The confetti looks exactly like the snow, right? Fix them somewhere above the whole setup with the trees and the trains, and the wintery set is complete.
    Don't forget to create one or two beautiful arches for the trains to travel under. Those will give some extra color to the scene and make it extra festive.
    And... we can start the train competition! Who will win?
    This time the winner is Golden Thomas™, but the other engines trains definitely had a lot of fun too!
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