Mummy On The Run | Watch Full Turkish Movie (English Subtitles)

  • Mummy On The Run | Watch Full Turkish movie (English Subtitles)
    Mummy At the Break | Teoman Turkish Comedy Movie | Watch Full Movie. Mummy Firar is a 2012 action comedy movie starring Teoman and Nurgül Yeşilçay. Subscribe for the best scenes of the best
    Perceived as making a market as a bohemian artist in sight, Ahmet actually has a different identity than anybody else. Ahmet, a stupid photographer in the eyes of his seven-core Istanbul family, is actually a successful MIT member. It brings together two very different identities, agency and artistry. Fatima, the daughter of a respected Egyptian archaeologist, will come across Ahmet as a university student who could not forget his Turkish mother who died many years ago. While the roads of the beautiful and beautiful hybrid of Egypt and Ahmet, the agent of MIT, intersect due to a mummy kidnapped from Egypt, it is complicated that the suspect of Ahmet, who is after the mummy stolen because he believes that a father will solve the problem of power, is Fatima. There is also the funeral of the archaeologist Yahya, who died during the archaeological excavations on the plane where the mummy was brought. But when it comes to Istanbul, coffins are mixed and the mafia father is given the funeral of Yahya, and the mummy is delivered to the painful family. In the midst of all this confusion, Ahmet, who has lost his heart to Fatima while trying to deliver the mummy to Egypt, and the incompetent commissioner who has been involved in the events, will think about trying to solve the events that have turned into the hair of Arab.
    Release date: September 27, 2002
    Director: Erdal Murat Aktaş
    Cast: Nelly Karim, Fathy Abdel Wahab, Şebnem Dönmez, Teoman, Selami Şahin, Tarık Papuççuoğlu
    Genre: Action, Comedy
    Country: Turkey

    Category : Film


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