The Djinns Marid | Turkish Horror Movie (English Subtitles)

  • The Djinns Marid | Turkish Horror Movie (English Subtitles)
    Ayla (Gülseven Yılmaz) is a happy couple with her husband Serkan (Özgür Özberk). Ayla 11 years old (Kayra Simur) had a nightmare full of three days when an entity from the other world was haunted. Since he lost his amulet, the most important protector from those days to the previous day, he feels unprotected and helpless. Serkan invites İzzet Hoca (Ufuk Aşar), who is known for these issues, to write a new amulet and relieve Ayla. In the evening, their close friends Meltem (Serap Üstün) and Cem (Taner Ertürkler) will come. The nightmares of Ayla restarting and the nightmare-filled moments that everyone will experience in the house of Ayla and Serkan the same night will show everyone the power and cruelty of the existence from the other world. (Taken from the press release.)
    Producer: Murat Toktamışoğlu, Serkan Balbal, Alper Mestçi
    Director: Arkın Aktaş
    Screenplay: Murat Toktamışoğlu
    Genre: Suspense, Horror
    Production Year: 2010
    Features: Colorful
    Country: TURKEY
    Language Turkish
    Release Date: September 24, 2010

    Category : Film


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