Ali's Day Of Sorrow | Tell me To Go Turkish Romantic Movie

  • Ali Tries To Get To Know Leyal | Tell Me To Go Turkish Romantic Movie
    The story of a self-evident reason with a man looking for himself.
    Tayanç Ayaydın is a guitarist who wants to travel from Istanbul to the East, while Atiye is working with a singer who aims to escape from the East and come to Istanbul to become famous. In one's journey from the West to the East and the Other from the East to the West, fate brings these two young people side by side. Against the background of the two young people's rapprochement, Anatolia's authentic and ancient music are handled like a needlepoint.
    Tayanç Ayaydın
    Seyyal Taner
    Birsen Dürülü
    Umut Oğuz
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