Sacred Demijohn (Kutsal Damacana) | Turkish Full Movie (English Subtitles)

  • Sacred Demijohn (Kutsal Damacana) | Turkish Full Movie (English Subtitles)
    Fikret, who spends his life on ships, is anchored in Istanbul and chooses a settled life. With their pure friend Asım, who learns the life from him and does not say one thing, they will roll over and hope that the great opportunity that will one day appear before them. Fikret and his companion, Asım, who had the opportunity to go to the Vatican, the priest of his church in the district where he lived and continued to make the living with the bounties of his church, come to an unexpected job. The family who used Fikret as the church pastor and applied to this false pastor to solve a magical event that happened to them; neither is he aware of what will happen on their own, nor the false pastor Fikret is aware of the great surprise he will come across.
    It Built: 2007 - Turkey
    Genre: Comedy, Horror
    Duration: 105 Min.
    Director: Ahmet Yılmaz, Kamil Aydın
    Cast: Şafak Sezer, Büşra Pekin, Ersin Korkut, Şahin Irmak, Murat Eken
    Screenplay: Ahmet Yılmaz
    Producer: Şenol Zencir, Selin Altınel
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