Amulet | Turkish Horror Full Movie (English Subtitles)

  • Amulet | Turkish Horror Full Movie (English Subtitles)
    Subject of the Movie:
    Celal, who wrote columns on women's-men's relations in a popular magazine, is a bit of a problem because of his liveliness in his private life. Because he frequently cheats on his lovers, the door is out. Since he could not get the payment from the magazine, he was left without money. Since her lover has no place to stay when she is fired from her house, she becomes a boarder in a large mansion with the help of her colleague. However, this mansion, which looks quite gloomy and abandoned, does not catch the eye of Celal. There is a strangeness in the hostess Aliye, who looks like an old woman in her own way. Although Celal wants to leave home after a few nights of nightmares, the other boarder Yasemin convinces him to stay. However, Celal is not aware of what kind of trouble he was actually dragged into ...
    In the director's chair of Muska, Özkan Çelik, who signed his first feature work after the television industry, is located. Tanju Tuncel, Sezgin Erdemir and Aslı Şahin are the prominent names in the film's cast.
    Director: Özkan Çelik
    Cast: Tanju Tuncel, Sezgin Erdemir, Aslı Şahin
    Type: Thriller
    Year: 2014

    Category : Film


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