Devil's Son | Turkish Honnor Full Movie (English Subtitles)

  • Devil's Son | Turkish Honnor Full Movie (English Subtitles)
    Subject of the Movie:
    A group of friends who study in journalism in the senior year are browsing interesting news in order to be the subject of their dissertation. It does not take long for them to find the exact type of news they are looking for. They will consider the mysterious incident in which eight climbers have mysteriously disappeared and the story of Wild, who lives alone in a chalet they think is behind this event. When the cameras enter the recording, the curse of number 13 will find themselves.
    The film, directed by Emre Kaya and written by Fevzi Altunbulak and Zafer Kaya, includes names such as Fevzi Altunbulak, Burakhan Keyif and Merve Uçar Cangöz.
    Director: Emre Kaya
    Cast: Fevzi Altunbulak, Burakhan Keyif, Merve Uçar Cangöz
    Genre: Horror
    Year: 2013

    Category : Film


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