Masked Gang Cyprus ( Maskeli Beşler Kıbrıs ) | Turkish Comedy Full Movie ( English Subtitles )

  • Masked Gang Cyprus | Turkish Comedy Full Movie ( English Subtitles )
    Movie Subject:
    A total of five weeks of shooting in this fun film, but the clumsy gang of lovable and clumsy thieves in this time the story of trying to get the chance of the Masked Five in Cyprus. After the unfortunate times, our heroes repented to commit crimes and engaged in trade. However, one of the most prominent figures in the criminal world, Rocky Selim, comes to them with a difficult offer to reject: they will rob a casino in Cyprus. The team moves to Cyprus. Their plans for the operation and robbery efforts will bring the gang to the most funny surprises.
    Director: Murat Aslan
    Starring: Şafak Sezer, Peker Açıkalın, Cengiz Küçükayvaz
    Genre: Comedy, Adventure
    Year: 2008

    Category : Film


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