10 Ways To Forget Your Ex (Eski Sevgiliyi Anlatmanın 10 Yolu) Turkish Full Movie ( Eng. Subtitles )

  • 10 Ways To Forget Your Ex (Eski Sevgiliyi Anlatmanın 10 yol) Turkish Full Movie ( Eng. Subtitles )
    Alper and Zehra, who are about to get married, begin preparations for the wedding despite the objections of Zehra's father Erdal. When the big day comes Alper suddenly becomes aware of the seriousness of his experiences and starts to have hallucinations in panic. Alper escaped from his own wedding. Realizing his mistake for a short time, the young man tries to return to the woman he loves, but Zehra refuses. Alper desperately goes to the love doctor to forget Zehra with the guidance of her best friend Mutlu. The doctor's prescription says "10 ways to forget the ex". Alper is going to try these 10 methods, which is quite strange.
    Biray Dalkıran's film is directed and written by Atılgan Gümüş, Orçun Kaptan, Serhat Özcan, Tuğçe Sarıkaya and Kubilay Güleçoğlu.
    Built: 2015 - Turkey
    Genre: Comedy
    Director: Biray Dalkıran
    Starring: Asuman Dabak, Atilgan Gumus, Serhat Ozcan, Orcun Kaptan, Recep Aktug

    Category : Film


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