Masked Gang Iraq ( Maskeli Beşler Irak ) | Turkish Comedy Full Movie ( English Subtitles )

  • Masked Gang Iraq | Turkish Comedy Full Movie ( English Subtitles )
    The film tells the story of five friends who went to Northern Iraq to seize an oil plant. Kamil, Tezcan, Bahattin, Zeki and Recep are five friends who have grown up in the children's dormitory. These five friends decide to permanently open the oil line, which has been disconnected for various reasons for years. For this they go to Kirkuk region of Northern Iraq. But things won't go as they'd hoped.
    Built: 2007 - Turkey
    Genre: Comedy, Adventure
    Duration: 104 Min.
    Director: Murat Aslan
    Starring: Safak Sezer, Peker Acikalin, Cengiz Kucukayvaz, Cezmi Baskin, Ceyhun Yilmaz

    Category : Film


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