Ezo Bride | Fatma Girik Kadir İnanır Vintage Turkish Movie ( English Subtitles )

  • Ezo Bride| Fatma Girik Vintage Turkish Movie ( English Subtitles )
    Subject of the Movie:
    Ezo is the most beautiful girl of the sheep, and her mouth is alive. Meanwhile, huncuoglu is wearing the head of the lentil and makes all kinds of elevation. Ali goes to the war in Korea, and then comes to his house of demirciogular news of death. Everyone is destroyed. After 6 months, huncuoglu sews back to the exhaust. Therefore, Dinar father (father of the forehead) weddings Ezo to his voracious son. After some time, Ali returns to the house. He was injured but not happened. And things get mixed up. Ali can not stop in the bay, ezo tells him to bring him too, and he removes that his brother has not said fifty-fifty. Ali does not bring the loser, the brother says he is his wife and goes. Ezo could not stand it, and the fat urgan died.
    Year Built: 1974
    Cast: Fatma Girik, Kadir İnanır, Suphi Tekniker, Reha Yurdakul, Güzin Özipek, Sami Hazinses
    Genre: Drama, Emotional
    Director: Feyzi Tuna
    Screenplay: Orhan Elmas
    Producer: Memduh Ün

    Category : Film


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