The Hearing (Duruşma) - Turkish Full Movie ( English Subtitles )

  • Hearing - Turkish Full Movie (English Subtitle)
    The film is the subject of an interesting virginity story like a bomb among the plain people living in one of the oldest districts of Istanbul. The story is that the neighbor daughter, beautiful Nazan (Meltem Cumbul), managed to stay in the bakery even though she had two marriages with Selami (Zafer Algöz) and Cavit (Güven Kıraç); Selami and Cavitin were fiercely fighting for Nazan; Nazan's mother Necla's locked cabinets; he tells the neighbors' curiosity, surprise, and mediaization of their simple lives in a funny language.
    Built: 1999 - Turkey
    Genre: Comedy
    Duration: 101 Min.
    Director: Yalçın Yelence
    Cast: Meltem Cumbul, Cezmi Baskın, Güven Kıraç, Başak Köklükaya, Rutkay Aziz

    Category : Film


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