Ammar 2 | Turkish Horror Full Movie (English Subtitles)

  • Ammar 2 | Turkish Horror Full Movie (English Subtitles)
    Subject of the Movie:
    The first Ammar films, Ammar: The Cin Sect was designed in 2009 by watching a tape found by Emniyet. In Ammar 2: Gin Invasion, this tape becomes the subject of a thesis by a group of young people studying journalism. He decides to make a documentary from investigating Mustafa's suspicious death. After meeting with real people involved in the incident, they go to France, Holland, Belgium and complete their research, and finally they reach real traces in Sivas. The police must be closed. As the detail of the event deepens, they fall into an invisible labyrinth. They recorded the terrifying events with all their reality. The movie consists of a tape where these real events are recorded.
    Ozlem Polat,
    Balamir Emren,
    Buse Narcı,
    Buse popara,
    Ali Inan,
    Cem Aksakal,
    Atilla Ate,
    Director: Özgür Bakar
    Screenplay: Alper Kıvılcım, Özgür Bakar
    Producer: Sami Dündar, Alper Kıvılcım
    Genre: Suspense, Horror

    Category : Film


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