Purgatory (Araf) | Turkish Horror Full Movie (English Subtitles)

  • Purgatory (Araf) | Turkish Horror Full Movie (English Subtitles)
    Subject of the Movie:
    Attractive college student Eda got pregnant in a ban relationship she had while in a dance school. There is no option other than having an abortion. The problem is that even though this situation physically overcomes, it will remain to pull the pains for a long time. Join a new life. Eda, however, begins to have nightmares. When her nightmares come true, she realizes that her little daughter, who had abortion years ago, came back for revenge from Araf.
    Araf is a horror movie based on the reality of abortion. In the last episode of Turkish Cinema by Biray Dalkıran, the scenario and photograph of the work in the last part of the horror movie as a new and important leg while working.
    Built: 2006 - Turkey
    Genre: Suspense, Horror
    Duration: 97 Min.
    Director: Biray Dalkıran
    Cast: Murat Yıldırım, Akasya Aslıtürkmen, Serhan Ernak, Tülay Bekret, Kubilay Tunçer
    Screenplay: Hakan Bilir, Bilay Dalkıran
    Producer: Biray Dalkıran

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